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Remove virus in ur nokia mobile Empty Remove virus in ur nokia mobile

Post  Saif lashari on Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:50 am

Remove Virus Or Some Unwanted Thing From Your Mobile Phone :
Shit Happens, Or Any Virus Has Attacked Your Mobile, Its Inevitable U Do Something Wrong, Now What To Do You Simply Have To Format Your Phone.
To Format The Phone, Press *#7370#, Then Enter The Lock Code, Which Is The Sec Code Of The Phone. NOTE: Battery Must Be Filled, Else If Format Is Disrupted By Low Battery, Consequences Will Be Disastrous
I Heard The Code *#7780# Works Too, Pretty Much The Same I Think. For 6600 Users, To Format The Fone, There's An Alternative Way. Press And Hold >, <*>, And The Buttons, Then Power On Fone, Keep Holding On The 3 Buttons, Till U Come To A Format Screen. Tis Method ONLYWorks On 6600, And Need Not Enter The Sec Code. BUT Sec Code Wun Be Reset To Default 12345
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