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hAck aNy OrKuT aNd YaHoO id Empty hAck aNy OrKuT aNd YaHoO id

Post  Saif lashari on Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:02 am

Now you can create your own fake login page to h_a*c!k_ into others account.Fake login page isa fake page which you can use tohack others username and p_ass_word. Fake login page looks exactly like the original page and if someone login in your page using his original username and p_ass_word, the username and p_ass_word will be mailed to you. lets learn how to create your very own fake login page. {1} Open [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Sign Up. {2} Then Login there with your newly registered account. {3} Now click on ‘ Create your first form’. {4} Now delete allthe pre-defined entries, just leave‘First Name:’. (To delete entries, select the particular entry and then click on the cross sign. {5} Now Click on ‘First Name:’ (Exactlyon First Name). Now the option to Edit the First Name is activated,type there “username:” (for gmail) or YahooId: (for Yahoo) {6} Now Click on ‘Power Tool’ Option (In right hand side…) {7} Double click on ‘PasswordBox’. Now Click the newly formp_ass_word entry to edit it. Rename it as ‘p_ass_word:’{8} Now Click on ‘Properties’ Option (In right hand side…). These are the form properties. {9} You can give any title to your form. This title is used to distinguish your forms. This Titlecannot be seen by the victim.{10} Now in ThankYou URL you must put some link, like [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] anything. Actually after entering username & p_ass_word, user will get redirect to this url.(Don’t leave it blank…) {11} Now Click on‘Save’. After saving, click on ‘Source’ Option. {12} Now you can see two Options, namely ‘Option1? & ‘Option2?. Copy the full code of ‘Option2?. {13} Now open Notepad text editor and write the following code their. {14}Now Paste that code in your blog or website and prank your pals…
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