make your flood idz anti-hacking

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make your flood idz anti-hacking Empty make your flood idz anti-hacking

Post  Saif lashari on Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:31 pm

today i am going to share a trick that can make your flood ids anti-hacking.
here is the trick
suppose you have 1gag to 200gag and you want to make you these ids anti-hacking, what you want to do is add an email to one id, like add email with 150gag, note flooder does not know which id has an email and he won't check all ids because it will take hours to check them all. so now u get these ids hacked, and you want them back. all you need to do is this
go to
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enter the id that you added your email in, like if iadded my email to 150gag, i will write 150gag in that site and click send. what will happen then? the new password of your ids that hacker set will be emailed to you.
now you can easily change the password of your ids again and your ids are back.
and use this trick while creating flood ids too, just add email to one id and if you are creating ids through web, add fake email to all the other ids and add real email to one id, using that id and email you can easily get your ids back.
i hope that helps
Saif lashari
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